Getting out of the house on time

As a mum of two young children, I am frequently late. It feels like no matter what I do, how early I start getting us ready or what time we leave the house, something always makes us late. If it’s not roadworks causing delays, it’s unscheduled nappy changes.
Seriously… Do anyone else’s toddlers wait until you’re ushering them
out of the door before they start to fill their nappy? I’m starting to think Sam does
it on purpose now.

Last week, Syd and I were meeting my friend for coffee right after dropping Sam at nursery. I decided to drive him in, and then head straight to meet my friend. BIG MISTAKE. It takes literally 5 minutes to walk to Sam’s nursery – Through the park. It took me 25 minutes to drive there, thanks to the roadworks. This meant I was late to meet my friend – again. 

Syd insists on bringing every toy she owns out with her now, too. So each outing usually begins with a 15 minute long tantrum while I try to coax some of the 5000 teddies, dolls and random odds and sods from her hands. She tried to bring her toy supermarket trolley to see the Dietician yesterday – filled with the contents of her toybox, three odd shoes and an empty juice cup. I had to use biscuit bribery to get her into the car, minus that lot.

It’s a good job they are so cute, hey!

Today, we were meeting my sister for a picnic. I thought I had allowed for all eventualities. The bag was packed, nappies changed, car loaded, one toddler was in the car, and then the guy from TNT Direct was knocking on the door. Don’t get me wrong… I love getting parcels – I really do. Buy why is it that they always turn up with a week’s worth of deliveries just as I am leaving the house?! Needless to say, I was 10 minutes late meeting my sister, as I had to open said parcels to see what was inside.

When you’re doing your online shopping, there should be an option for “please deliver when I am at home, with a cup of tea in my hand” – I’d happily pay extra for that time slot! 

I am hereby pre-warning everyone I know that I am going to be hideously late for everything, for the remainder of this year. There are two ways in and out of our town… Motorway and A roads. Both are currently being dug up. The “A” road is now taking over half an hour to travel half a mile,  and Motorway delays are likely… until July 2017! I kid you not. With that in mind, I’d best set off now to meet my Mum for lunch tomorrow. 

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