We were recently sent a Go Mini Power Boost Racer to review. Sam already has the Go Mini Stunt Launcher, and loves it. I was excited to see what he would make of this new, larger addition to the Go Mini family.

It has an RRP of £20, and measures in at well more than double the size of the Go Mini Stunt cars. It comes with batteries included, and is aimed at children aged 3+

You press the yellow button on the roof, and it revs its engine before shooting off and screeching as it skids around 90 (ish) degrees. I made a quick video of it in use, as it’s hard to describe.

I was all set to say that it got a little boring after a while, but then
I learnt (completely by accident) that the more you press the button,
the further the car travels before it skids. This adds a whole new
element to the fun. It revs up, rumbles along and then skids to a halt. <

Initially, Sydney (my two year old) was terrified of the car. She would scream in fear whenever Sam played with it. We’ve had it for a few weeks now though, and thankfully she now tolerates it.

Sam is 3, and he loves the car. He will press it and watch it skid off time and time again. We have used it on several different surfaces and I just want to point out it only really skids properly on smooth surfaces. I’ve tried it on a rubber playmat and it barely turned on that. It struggled on our deep pile carpet, too. As the video shows, the car skids well on laminate.

If you are buying this for a child who has laminated floors, I am sure they’ll be very happy with it. From my 3 year old’s point of view, this car is brilliant. It is sturdy, well built and the batteries have lasted very well.

The Go Mini Power Boost Racer is a lot heavier to hold than the smaller stunt cars are. This makes them a bit harder for small hands to carry. That doesn’t stop Sam dragging it around, though. Just for comparison’s sake… Here’s a side by side photo of the Stunt Car (Green) and the Power Boost Racer (Blue).

All told, the Power Boost Racer is great fun. It is a little noisier than some people (my hubby) would like, and there isn’t a volume control option. I think that for £20, it makes a great gift.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the Power Boost Racer to review – all words and opinions are my own.

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