Why is it so easy to talk ourselves out of exercise, but not as easy to convince ourselves to do it? We set alarms and go to bed with the best intentions… But when it’s time to pick up those weights or start the timer on your latest HIIT workout, our motivation is suddenly lacking. It’s a struggle I find myself facing regularly. I’m definitely not a fitness expert, but today I’m sharing some tips which will help you stick to your new fitness regime. So read on to find out what I recommend. 

Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Fitness Regime

Deciding to stick to your new fitness regime can take grit and determination. But if you build on the right mindset, you won’t just stick to your new fitness program… You’ll actually look forward to it. Here we’ll explore how you can stick to your new fitness program with these 5 helpful tips.  

Invest in the right fitness equipment

woman at home, exercising on a gym ball after reading tips on stick to your new fitness regime

The right fitness equipment makes any fitness routine fun, accessible and when combined with effort are more likely to give you the results you want. A strong home gym set up can help you smash those fitness goals and stick to your latest fitness regimen.

From barbells to resistance bands, even comfortable custom kettlebells – you can find everything you need to build muscle, burn fat and boost your cardio intensity at blkboxfitness.com. Having the right equipment on your side and readily available at home makes exercising less of a chore. 

If heading to the gym clashes with your current schedule, or due to current health restrictions your gym is closed for the foreseeable, having a set of weights or other equipment at home is the next best thing.

Team up

Photo of young positive beautiful woman at home with her son exercising while looking at laptop computer

Got a friend or family member who has similar fitness goals? Teaming up to build on your fitness creates a sense of accountability between you, and you can be the others’ personal cheerleader. Alternatively, get the kids involved! 

Pushing each other in the right direction and encouraging each other to exceed the limits will ensure you both stick to your new lifestyle and you’ll start to see progress and a change to your mindset, much sooner than you think. 

Make it part of your day

The amount of exercise you commit to each day will depend on your goals, your fitness levels and your dedication. However, no matter what your exercise program consists of, you should make it part of your everyday routine, not something you choose to do if you can find the time.

Choose a specific time to exercise each day and stick to it. Whether it’s before your morning shower, or on an evening after your finish work, seamlessly incorporating your new routine in your daily life will help keep you on track.

woman exercising at home on a yoga mat after reading tips to help you stick to your new fitness regime

Don’t let setbacks hold you back

Ok, you skipped leg day and you went back on your promise to cut back on alcohol. One bad day or weekend shouldn’t ruin your confidence or your progress. Leave the guilt at the door and get to work! Every day is an opportunity to start again and build on your fitness. 

And finally, track your progress

Whether you’re using a smartwatch and app, or you’re more old school and have a pen and paper gym log, tracking your fitness will boost your confidence and help you monitor your progress. Not just on the scales, but the weight, endurance and growing intensity of your workouts. 


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