Last month, I posted saying that it was time I pulled my metaphorical socks up and stopped comfort eating. I am proud to say that throughout all of February, I have stuck to that! I’ve officially done one Month of healthy eating!┬áMy last weigh in for Feb was last Saturday, the 25th and this was the result…

One Month Of Healthy Eating

one Month of healthy eating

I am 9.5lb lighter than I was at the start of Feb! I’ll take that!

We were away from 20th to the 24th Feb, and I somehow managed to lose 2.5lb despite going over the My Fitness Pal goals most days. We were in Cheshire and the bad weather meant we were stuck indoors most days too, so I was expecting a maintain at best.


Exercise has been none existent. We dug out the Nintendo Wii and I keep meaning to get back on it but somehow I haven’t managed it yet. Maybe this weekend will see bee fit it in somewhere. I’m proud I managed one Month of healthy eating though!

All told, I’m happy with how things are going. I’m not going to expect myself to do a ton of exercise as my insomniac kids mean I’m fit for nothing most days. However, I am definitely doing ok keeping the calories down to 1300 a day now.

I am linking up with Grumpyish Mum’s Weight Loss Wednesday linky. Why not bob over there for some more weight loss motivation?

Weight Loss Wednesday

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