MotherGeek Weight Loss – Week 4-8

Sorry sorry sorry… It’s been 5 weeks since I last posted an update on my weight loss.

I am rubbish! I have still been plodding on, and am happy to report the scales have been behaving themselves! The last time I posted (4th July), I’d dropped 5.25lb in 1 week, and was down to 11 stone 4lb! Since then, I have had the following weigh ins…

11th July: 11 stone 4lb (maintain)

18th July: 11 stone 2lb

25th July: 11 stone 0.5lb

1st August: 10 stone 10.5lb

8th August: 10 stone 11lb

Last week, I gained 0.5lb. There are a few reasons (excuses) for this. The main one is the fact I had a nasty fall in Wednesday, and put my back out. That rendered me useless as far as exercise was concerned. It also made me want to comfort eat. Way too much chocolate was consumed.

I am back on the wagon now though, and hoping to lose the half pound I gained during my pity party for one!

My clothes are definitely looser. My size 16 skinny jeans are hanging off me now. I think it’s time I sent hubby into the loft to retrieve my size 12-14 clothes…!

So as it stands, I have lost 17lb in 8 weeks. I’ll take that! 

Check back soon to see how I am getting on!

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