Packaging Ideas For Special Cards

I have friends and family scattered all over the world, and regularly send little bits and bobs to them. Over the years, I have found some super cute packaging ideas and wanted to share some of them today.

Packaging ideas for cards

packaging ideas - diaries and paperclips in an envelope

I found some super cute A6 Envelopes, which are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your cards and small parcels! The A6 Pillow Boxes are ideal when sending small trinkets or holiday souvenirs, or for the kids when they are swapping collectibles. 

Wax Seals

If you are sending an extra special card or invitation, you can always pull out all the stops, and opt for a super fancy Wax Seal like this one pictured… I got my Harry Potter obsessed Niece a Wax Seal set last year, and she loves using it to write me letters. I’m not nearly organised or patient enough to melt the wax myself, to these are perfect for me to add a touch of magic to letters I write to her. 

packaging ideas - wax seals

I love receiving hand written letters – it’s so humbling knowing that someone has thought about me long enough to sit down and write me a letter, then buy a stamp and post the letter. In a world so full of speedy gadgets, it’s a 5 second job now to text a loved one, saying “How are you”? For them to sit down and write you a letter, is a huge gift in my opinion, and definitely something to be treasured when you receive one.

If you follow me on social media, you probably know I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant. In my 16 months with the business, I have been promoted to Lead consultant. Along the way, I have built up a lovely customer base. As I do most of my networking online, the majority of my customers are not local. This means getting them samples etc can be tricky.

Sending Scentsy Samples

Having tried several methods over recent months, I’ve decided… The most cost effective and quickest way is to cut each Scentsy cube into 3 pieces,. I then pop those into clear grip – seal bags, and write the name of the individual sample on a label on the front. When you do this, your samples can be sent as a standard letter, rather than a small packet. (Which is what the width of a full cube is classed as). This saves a lot of money on postage and packing fees!

I am always looking for ways to keep the costs down when it comes to sending items. It’s well worth checking out the Royal Mail Price Finder before packaging up your items. Often, it works out cheaper to split items and send two small parcels rather than one medium one.

Fragrant packaging ideas

Another of my cute packaging ideas is to add a squirt of your favourite perfume to the paper. Make sure you let it dry before you start writing. Yes… I learnt that one from Grease! Finally, why not add some string to your envelopes to make them even more special for the recipient…?

packaging ideas - letters tied with string

Are you a fan or receiving letters? Do you write them and send them to loved ones? I really need to send more of them. In fact, I think I will do that this weekend!

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