What’s Your Cold Remedy of Choice?

I have woken up today full of a cold.
I have – Headache, shivers, achiness and of course sneezes! My throat is a bit iffy but not sore as such.

I can’t be bothered going out to buy anything for it, so I am having some honey & lemon.

I actually quite like it! Yes – I’m weird! But we already knew that! I loved raspberry leaf tea, too!

Whenever my dad had a cold, he swore by Yates’ Australian wine with hot lemonade (also known as a blob, or hot toddy)!
He wasn’t much of a drinker & I remember him getting very red &
merry whenever he drank this. He told me that was the point – it sweated
the cold out of him!

I usually just opt for a couple of paracetomol, and a hot vimto, as
those over the counter hot drinks have less paracetomol in them than the
recommended adult dose – bet you didn’t know that, did you?!

You could always go for another one of my favourites – plenty of Vitamin C….

I think I’ll settle for all of the above (though the blobs will have
to wait until tomorrow night as I’m not risking a hangover when I visit
the in laws tomorrow)!

What about you? Any cold remedies of your own you’d care to share?!

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