Listography – 5 celebrities to go for a beer with

Listography – 5 celebrities to go for a beer with….

I’m not really a celebrity fan as such, but this Listorgraphy made me stop & think.

It is worth noting, I never read celeb magazines, I hate shows like
celebrity juice, and avoid the soaps and pop music like the plague, so
my list is a wee bit random……

1). JK Rowling – just so I could meet someone who knows more about “the
Boy who lived” than I do hahaha!

2). Oh god – I’m stuck already! Ok… 2…. Eric Cantona – my Dad loved
him, so I, in turn love him too. Maybe I’d get him to sign my son’s
Manchester United Shirt….. If I ever get round to buying him one!

3). Sebastian Vettel – what do you mean you’ve never heard of him?!
He’s a German Formula 1 driver. He drives for Red Bull – my hubby loves
him & spent 9 months trying to convince me to call Batman Sebastian
after him. Sorry Vettel, but the Jamaican Crab from the little mermaid
is the first think I see when I hear your name! If I met you for a beer
though, my hubby would be eternally jealous bahahaha!

4). I am probably bending the rules here, seeing as this person isn’t
even alive any more but…. Michael Jackson. I am still peeved at the
fact I spent an entire day fighting for tickets for his this is it tour,
got 4 & then he croaked it beforehand! Perhaps a little tipple
would help me get over it!

5). Jillian Michaels (never heard of her either)? She is an American
fitness instructor – she is very intense & her tv shows helped me
lose 60lb! I feel she would turn the beer into a glass of water though!
And then probably give me a last chance work out!

So there you have it! My 5 celebrities.

Are you surprised by any of them?

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