Is It Just Me, Or…

….. Is it really baffling how companies like and
seatwave let you list event tickets, sell them, then you have to post
them – SPECIAL DELIVERY…. then wait until 2 weeks AFTER THE EVENT before
they send you payment?!

It’s ridiculous!

Then they charge you 10% for their trouble… THEIR TROUBLE?!

You (the seller) list the item, set the price, post the item, track
the item, report it as delivered once it shows up & then wait months
and months for the money.


No wonder eBay is still the best place to sell tickets.

I have 2 Bryan Adams tickets to sell – I’d rather give them to a hobo than list them with either of these 2 companies.

Anyone want to buy them?! LOL!

In all seriousness, I don’t understand how they are getting away with this.

I can understand them making you wait until the item has been delivered, but 2 weeks AFTER THE EVENT?

(The tickets I want to sell are for 30th November, so I list &
sell them in September, then have to wait 15 weeks to receive the money I
am owed?)

The buyer pays before I post them – obviously. So the companies are just sitting on my money for the interest, I guess…

Methinks there’s a huge gap in the market here for a DECENT company offering this service?

Maybe give the buyer 5 working days to complain – just in case they are sent a fake – or a rubber chicken?!

If no complaint is made, the money is issued?

Or is the market rife with fakes?

Am I too naive for my own good?! Perhaps.

Answers on a postcard please folks.

Have you ever sold or bought tickets from or Seatwave?

Had any problems?

Am I missing a valuable angle here?!

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