Appy Days – Hexbug Havoc

This month, I want to talk about (and show you) Hexbug Havoc. This game is made for children aged between 6-8 years. If you have children in this age bracket, you’ve probably heard about (and seen) Hexbugs. If not… I’ll explain! Hexbugs are robotic bugs. There are several different types available. The current favourite on the playground are Hexbug Nano’s. They are “Gravity defying” bugs, which scramble around in clear plastic tubes.

The Hexbug Havoc app is based on these little critters. It is similar to “Temple Run”. In case that means nothing to you, I have made a quick video to show you the basic idea…

You move your Hexbug from left to right (by swiping your finger), in pursuit of Gold coins. You can use the coins to buy things in between missions. You need to avoid the obstacles as you go along, as these can slow you down, or end your game. You will find things to help you on your way, like boost grids, too.

I downloaded this to my iPhone at first, and my initial impression was not a good one. I found it slow to react to my movements and it froze a few times, too. The speed issue could be because my fingers are bigger than the intended audience, and not tapping the right place on the screen. Either way, it made the game very frustrating. I decided to install it on the iPad mini’s to let Sam try it. Sam seemed to enjoy it briefly, but the speed was a bit fast for him (He’s only 3, though). I think having an option for it to go slower would be good for younger children, or those with Special Needs.

I have played the app on the iPad mini, and definitely found it smoother and more fun on there. The app is free, and the track changes randomly, so no two games are the same. As you progress, you can unlock different types of track, colours of bugs and armour to protect your critter.

As it’s a free app, I think it’s worth downloading if your kids are likely to enjoy this type of game, or if they are Hexbug fans.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent a couple of Hexbug Nano’s as a thank you for agreeing to post this review.

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