Today I’m sharing my thoughts on My Thoughts On life changing tech. Recently, there’s been a lot of posts shared on facebook almost shaming parents. The aim being to get them to put down their phones to spend time with their children. This made me think back to my own childhood. My mum didn’t have a mobile phone when I was a child in the 80’s. But we did have a landline and my mum used that a fair bit. She also spent a lot of time cooking, cleaning, and putting in her rollers. As well as looking after the family and sitting outside talking to the neighbours, while the kids played.

My Thoughts On Life changing Tech

Times change. My mum didn’t spend every second of her time with us, engaging with us and playing with us. She split her time between us, jobs and herself. Technology advanced, mobiles became available, then became more sophisticated and parenting changed. I used to watch VHS recordings of my favourite shows over and over again, while my mum got her jobs done. Now, my children watch apple TV or youtube. I don’t see this as a new thing, I see it as evolution. When I saw this image on life changing tech, it made me realise how much easier life is now…

life changing tech

As a mum of two under 5’s in 2015… I can barely imagine having to take both kids to the supermarket; on the bus, and carry all the shopping home again. My mum had to do that, as she didn’t drive. I have a car, and still refuse to take both kids shopping as it’s such a total stress-fest. I’m pretty much convinced that online shopping – (especially for groceries) has saved my sanity. Ordering the food shopping to be delivered the day we get home from our holidays was an especially epic idea.


That being said, some technological advances do drive me bonkers. A cracked phone screen is something I have experienced several times. So the prospect of a more durable iPhone screen is definitely something I am excited about.

My main tech related bugbear is the “TV input lottery”. Am I using HDMI port 1, 2, DTV, AV or that funny squiggle I can’t read? The area behind the TV has become one crazy spaghetti junction, too. It drives me mad having to swap and change leads behind there.¬†One day, it’ll all be wireless, and it’ll all be automatic. Until that day, I’ll let hubby be in charge of the remotes!

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