App of the Week – Color Splash

Each week, I nominate one app I am enjoying using on my iPhone or iPad and showcase it in my blog.

This week, the iPhone app I am loving the most has been around for a while.
I have been playing with it while feeding Sam and have created some fab images (I think so anyway).

The app is – of course, Color Splash!

Before I explain how the app works, here’s a photo I edited on the app…

So… How it works – You either upload a photo from your iPhone, or you can take a new image.
The image is then displayed on your screen in black & white.
Wherever you touch will be coloured back in. You can zoom in and out
using the pinch method and can create some brilliant effects.

If you want to change the colour of something, you can do that too.
I personally like the colour vs black and white effects though.

Here’s another example….

It takes literally 60 seconds to make images like this and they save
to your iPhone in the original format and size too, so you can print
them off or order copies the same as you can an unedited photo.

All in all… well worth 69p!!

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