Operation Lose Mum Tum

I am 26lb heavier than my pre pregnancy weight and am now determined to shift it.  Pre pregnancy, I was wearing a size 12 in most shops and a size 8 on the odd occasion thanks to my tiny chest.

Now, I am wearing a size 16 all over, and still have a tiny chest!!
My back, on the other hand… has some hideous flab!!

Before getting pregnant, I lost over 60lb and went from 14 stone 8lb (204lb)

Me at My Biggest

I followed a low fat, vegetarian diet and did 30 minutes of Wii Fit every day, and got down to 142lb (10 stone 2lb).

Me At 142lb (size 12 dress)

My plan this time is the same as far as food goes, but exercise will
be more walking based – as I now have a pram to push and a son to
entertain, finding time to myself to do Wii Fit or Kinect will be

I have taken full body measurements and am going to be brave and
include them in my blog here, as I think honesty will be the key to my
successful weight loss.

So…. here are today’s measurements
NECK: 35.4cm
CHEST: 104.5cm
WAIST: 92cm
HIPS: 103cm
CALF: 40cm
THIGH: 60cm
UPPER ARM: 30.5cm
STOMACH (at belly button): 102.5cm

I am 5 foot 9, and weighed 174lb last Friday, this puts me in the overweight category, with a BMI of 25.7

When I was 10 stone, it was difficult to maintain without being very
strict (almost obsessive) about what I ate and what exercise I did.
I don’t think this is a healthy outlook to have on food – especially now there’s a baby to consider.
I want him to see me have the odd treat and not worry about it.
I also want him to see me eat a healthy diet, and not see me obsess about food.
With all of this in mind, I have set my goal at 11 stone (154lb) so I have 20lb to lose.

I aim to do this by the start of November – just in time for the holiday season!!
I hope to be comfortably fitting into a size 14 then.

Along with the low fat diet, Pram pushing, Wii Fit and Xbox Kinect, I
have a couple of other things to help me on my way – I have a pair of
Fit Flops to try to tone my legs and bum up, and my Slendertone belt to
try and shrink my mum tum.

I bought both of these when I was losing weight last time and saw
some amazing results with them, so I am confident they can work for me

I’m starting using the slendertone belt tomorrow, and will get hubby
to take some before photos so I can show you’s the overall difference it
I’ll upload new photos once a month so you can see the changes over time too.

I will weigh in every Friday too, so watch out for that, and my reviews on Fit Flops and my Slendertone belt will follow soon.

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