In 2004, I found this photo in amongst my late Grandmother’s things. I didn’t know then, but it would spur me on to trace my family tree, and inspire my passion for genealogy and local history.

The Walker Children in 1910

On the back of the photo, the 6 Children’s names were written.

The girl at the bottom-right is my Great Grandmother – Jane Walker. She was born in 1899, and died in the 1980’s. All I remembered about her was that she only had one leg, so it was time to do some research!

I decided to ask my Dad what he knew about the others in the photo – the answer was: nothing!

Starting My Family Tree Journey

This inspired me to head to the internet to see what I could find out for myself.
Within 15 minutes, I had found all 6 of the children – and their parents on the 1901 Census.
I now knew where they lived, what the Father’s occupation was (Fruiterer). That’s a Greengrocer to you & I. I knew their places of birth, ages and their relationship with the head of the household.

I spent the rest of the day searching online. So by the end of the afternoon I had gathered enough information to be able to tell my Dad all the children’s dates of birth. The dates of their baptisms, when their parents had got married, and that the children’s parents had died shortly after the photograph above had been taken! I genuinely loved watching my family tree grow!

He was really interested too, and this spurred me on to find out more. So, the next day, we went to visit my Dad’s Aunt (Jane’s Daughter) to see what she knew.

After spending the afternoon with her, I was hooked!

I spent the entire Summer of 2004 putting together my family tree. I managed to get my Dad’s sides right back to the 1790?s just using the internet, and I found it so exciting!

My Mum’s side proved much more difficult though, because her family originate from Ireland. Because of this, the records aren’t easy to find as most were destroyed.

I will blog about some of my favourite genealogy websites soon, and include some hints and tips too.

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