Tesco Car Insurance Con

Today, I am angry!

It is bad enough that my car insurance premium has doubled in price in the past year, despite me having 9 years no claims, having a clean licence, being over 25, married and doing just 6000 miles a year. When you add to that the fact my insurance company (Tesco) charge me £28.25 to add a courtesy car to my policy for 1 day, I am beyond angry!

I will be driving a total of 12 miles in said courtesy car – to and from the garage. I HAVE to get my car serviced to keep my insurance policy and my car’s warranty valid. I have to pay £150 for the service, and now, £28.25 on top of this?
How is this fair?

I asked the Tesco agent I spoke to what they intend to do with my £28.25 and he said £15 of it is an admin fee. To which I pointed out it had taken him 4 minutes to add the details to my policy. At £15 for 4 minutes, Tesco are basically charging me £225 an hour admin – Even the highest paid solicitors don’t charge this much!

I was then told I’d receive the amended documentation in 5-10 working days – Great… 10 days AFTER IT EXPIRES. So much for Every Little Helps! Why can’t Tesco EMAIL me the temporary certificate, avoid p&p costs, admin costs and pass the savings back to me – THEIR CUSTOMER.

Do they think I have £28.25 to throw at them each and every time I need to use a courtesy car? My last insurance company didn’t charge for these sort of things. Needless to say, my policy will be getting moved to a different insurer at the earliest opportunity.

In the meantime…

*To boost their profits

Vauxhall should have warned me before I drove off in the courtesy car that their insurance didn’t cover me, I’d be charged by my insurers to add the car to my policy. They didn’t say anything as I left the garage, so I (wrongly) assumed I was just covered on their own policy. Had they informed me at the time I booked the service that I would need to pay to insure the courtesy car, I would have made other arrangements.

I arrived home to 2 missed calls from Vauxhall, upon ringing them, they apologised for not ringing my insuror to add their car to my policy & asked me to do it). The fact they apologised for this surely suggests they failed to ensure their vehicle was insured before I drove it away). I showed her my insurance documents and drivers licence in the showroom, so she had access to my policy.

Also, according to the Vauxhall Website, they are supposed to offer a free collection service if you live within a 20 minute drive from the garage (which I do). Had they offered this service, I would not have needed a courtesy car, or childcare. Needless to say, I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I have received today.

All views expressed here are my own opinions.

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