Dear so and so – blogging boo-boos

As a blogger, I try to be transparent at all times.
If people don’t agree with my blog post and comment to tell me so, I approve it.
Then I respond.

It grates me to the bone when people mark my comments as spam, or delete them when I don’t agree 100% with their blog rant.
Am I in the minority here?
Surely if you’re trying to prove something is bad, you should allow both sides of the argument to be heard.

An example of this was my rant a few months ago about Vauxhall and Tesco I ranted and raved, and was promptly shot down via comments.
Did I delete the comments? NOPE! In the interest of fairness, I left them there for all to see.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t comment intent on starting arguments, but if someone is slating a company, I feel it only fair to share my experience. (Whether good or bad).

On several occasions now, I have seen my blog comments disappear. I have also seen them not be approved, and I know others have done too. The first few times I thought perhaps they’d been spammed in error, now I am sure they were deleted.

Anyways… I am getting off my soapbox now, feel free to slate me until the cows come home – all comments will be approved…. eventually!

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