Today, I’m sharing what I got up to when I had A Day To Myself recently. On Monday, Sam and Syd went back to school. The 16 days of Christmas Holidays really took their toll on me. I had forgotten just how full – on it is having both children with me 24/7.

A Day To Myself

I spent the week after Christmas telling anyone who would listen that I was taking the Monday they went back as a day off. I dropped Sam at school as normal, and then headed straight to Costa Coffee for breakfast. I opted for a Cheese and Mushroom Toastie (My favourite) and a large Gingerbread and Cream Latte. I spent an hour sat there, eating my breakfast and reading on my Kindle.

A Day To Myself - kindle, coffee and toastie

It was epic – As long as I filtered out the hyperactive kids bouncing around the coffee shop, and the two screaming babies)…!

Shopping Time

Next, I took myself off for a little retail therapy. I bought myself a new cape/ shawl thing and hubby a new jacket, before buying some coolant and topping up the car. (Imagine the half drown woman, stood in the rain outside Tesco, trying to get her car bonnet to open). That would be me.

While perusing the aisles in Tesco, my brother phoned to see if I wanted to meet up for a brew – yes… another one! I bought a few bits and bobs for Sydney in the sales, then walked to a different coffee shop to meet my biggest bro. We spent a good 90 minutes putting the world to rights and drinking coffee. (Did I mention I’d been up since before Midnight with Sam)?

School Run

By the time we left the coffee shop, it was gone 2pm. I drove to Sam’s school and spent half an hour engrossed in my Kindle, waiting for home time.

Sam looked so pleased to see me when he came out of school, it almost made me forget he’d had me up since midnight. Emphasis on almost! One thing I can guarantee: if I ever win the lottery, I’m hiring a live-in Nanny who only works nights! Sleep deprivation is a killer. I am running on caffeine at the moment, not sleep!

I’m already stressing about how I’ll survive the Summer holidays. Sam’s Autism means he likes routine. His routine goes out of the window when school breaks up, so he really struggles to sleep. Fingers crossed he gets back into a better sleep pattern soon.

Do you treat yourself when the kids go back to school? Reading my Kindle in a coffee shop felt like a really indulgent treat to me.

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