So, it’s officially week 7 of my Slimming World journey! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m a bit of a yo-yo’er. Before having the kids, I lost over 60lb. Then lost it again in 2014, when the kids were 2 and 3. I maintained my weight until 2016 when my Mum died, and since then, I have ballooned back to my heaviest. I’m 100% an emotional eater. Some people booze, some people take drugs, some pound stuff in the gym…. Me? I stuff my face to ease my pain. I did the same when my Dad died back in 2007 too.

Slimming World Week 7

My first Weigh in was on 4th December, and I wasn’t even slightly shocked by the number. (14 stone 1.5lb, so 197lb if you prefer).

Since then, my Slimming World weigh ins have gone like this:

  • 1st Week: -3.5lb
  • 2nd Week: -2lb
  • 3rd Week: -4.5lb (Christmas Eve Weigh In)
  • 4th Week: -1.5lb (New Year’s Eve Weigh In)
  • 5th Week: -1.5lb
  • 6th Week: -1lb
  • 7th Week: -5.5lb (Majorly stressful week).

So as it stands now, I am 1 stone 5lb down (or 19lb if you prefer). I got my 1 stone award this week, so now I am only 2lb away from my 1.5 stone award.

slimming world 1 stone award certificate

To date, I haven’t tried any form of natural supplement – have you?

I thought I’d share a day from my food diary, so you can see what I eat on an average day.

My Healthy Extras (HE) are almost always the same – 350ml skimmed milk and 40g Ready Brek.

Typical Daily Food Diary:

Breakfast: (Usually at 8.15am)

40g Ready Brek (HE) made with 175g Skimmed Milk (HE). Blueberries added. (Syn Free)

Cup of tea with no sugar, (HE) Milk used.

Snack: (11am)

Fruit & cup of tea with (HE) Milk.

Lunch: (12.30pm)

Syn Free Speed Soup (I usually throw in whatever veg I have handy then blitz it down to make enough to last a few days).

Last week’s contained Red Lentils, Swede, Leeks, carrots, cabbage, onion, peas, 2x veg stock pots.

Fruit Salad topped with a Syn free Aldi Yogurt. (Blueberries, banana, apple, grapes, strawberries).

Cup of tea with (HE) Milk.

Snack: (2.30pm)

Cup of Syn Free Soup

Tea: (eaten with the kids at around 4pm).

Syn Free Veggie Casserole.

(Quorn Steak Strips, Onions, Swede, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, stock pot, all cooked in the slow cooker.)

Dessert: Aldi Banana and Custard Yogurt over a banana. (0.5 Syn for Yogurt).

Cup of tea with last of (HE) Milk.

Evening: (Around 7.30pm)

Options hot chocolate made with 100ml skimmed milk & the rest water. (1 Syn for milk, 2.5 Syns for hot chocolate).

2x Hifi Bars (6 Syns).

TOTAL: 10 Syns used.

Some days I eat more Syns, but I always stick to between 5-15 a day. (The two exceptions to this were Christmas Eve and Christmas day, when I let myself eat whatever I wanted. I am sure that moving forward, it’ll get harder to lose every week, but for now I am really pleased with the way things are going.

My big 5.5lb loss this past week was probably caused by a few things… It was star week the week before, so I reckon I should have lost more then. We had no heating and hot water all weekend, so I was running around more to keep warm, and carrying pans of hot water up to the bathroom – (2 storeys above the stove top)!

I have set my target to 11 stone for now (154lb), but this may change as I lose more weight. I’m less bothered by the number on the scales than I am the fit of my clothes. I want to fit comfortably in my size 14 jeans again.

Finally, why not check out more of my Slimming World posts.


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