We are ten days into the new year now, so I thought it would be a good time to share our plans for 2019. I’m not one for saying lots of things will change, or that I’ll lose a ton of weight, as I refuse to set myself up to fail. There are some huge changes ahead this year, though. Read on to find out what’s going to happen… [Featured Article]

My Plans For 2019

This year, I am working harder than I have in a long time. My blogs and YouTube channels are pretty much paying the bills for the foreseeable future. I am loving putting so much effort into them, and am finding it rewarding to be contributing financially to our family life, again. (Hubby was the breadwinner until recently, but more about that later). I am amazed at how quickly GirlsGospel.com has become popular.

goals for 2019 - woman typing on MacBook at desk

While I am enjoying spending more time working, I am definitely missing socialising. Being parked in front of my laptop for 40 hours a week makes it tricky to see people. I want to make a real effort to get out and see people – even if it’s just seeing a friend one evening a month, while Sam is at overnight respite. That is top of my plans for 2019!

I am a week into Veganuary now, and am already feeling better physically than I have in a while. I have more energy and motivation, which is definitely something I want to stick around! With that in mind, I suspect Veganuary will continue into permanent veganism.

Hubby’s Plans for 2019

Hubby has been the breadwinner since we had children. This year, that’s changing. He is about to start a degree, and will be focussing on that. I am really excited to see how he gets on, but also worried he is taking on too much. (He’s still going to blog, and keep on his allotment).

goals for 2019 - plant pots with seedlings growing in them

When you factor in our already pretty intense family life, I think it’ll be a stretch at times! I am confident he will take to student life and thrive at the challenges it brings. I suspect blogging will need to take a back seat after a while, though. He’s set up a new blog – studentdad.com to share his Open University journey, and will continue sharing his allotment adventure over at forkmojo,com as well. Is plans for 2019 are insanely busy!

The Kids’ Plans For 2019

Syd is already counting down to her 7th birthday in June, and she is adamant she wants a Harry Potter themed birthday party. I guess I’d better get busy working out the logistics for that…!

Syd’s in Year 2 now, so has her SATS coming up later this year as well – not that she’s aware of it. Syd is still loving Gymnastics, so her plans for 2019 involve continuing to attend her Gymnastics club, and hopefully she will finally learn to swim too. (She refused to go to her swimming lessons a couple of years ago, but I think we will try again this year).

Sam is doing really well at school. He can’t tell me what he wants to do, but I”m pretty sure his goals involve getting out and about as much as possible, and to get back to the seaside!

goals for 2019 - 2 kids sat on picnic blanket on the beach.

Both kids loved camping last Summer, so I will definitely be taking them again this year. The Jury is still out as to whether I’ll take them by myself or if I’ll rope in a friend. (Hubby refuses to sleep in a tent).

At Home…

As well as all of that, we are also going to FINALLY sort out the back garden. The summer house is coming down, even if I have to do it myself! I am going to get the ball rolling with that in a couple of weeks, when I hire a skip to dump all of the junk in there. Once that’s done, I’ll be ripping off all of the panelling and getting the hot tub out of there!

That’s about it as far as my plans go! If it all goes to plan, I’ll be very happy this time next year! What are your plans for 2019?


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