It is no secret I have been struggling to deal with Sydney’s colic. Evenings have become beyond stressful in our house. Both myself and DaddyGeek have spent hours trying everything to calm her down during those awful Colicky hours every night. Who knew settling a Colicky baby was so hard!

We THOUGHT we had tried everything…. Then “Cheryl” commented on yesterday’s blog post suggesting I look up a video – The Happiest Baby On The Block by Dr Harvey Karp. He’s an American Doctor who is considered an expert in babies and toddlers… Dr Karp wrote a book called “The Happiest Baby On The Block. His system – The 5 S’s is considered the Holy Grail when it comes to settling a colicky baby!


Settling a colicky baby

Step 1). Swaddle your baby

Step 2). Hold your baby on their side (or stomach).

Step 3). Make loud Shhhhh noises. (This imitates the womb).

Step 4). Gently rock, sway or, bounce your baby – similar to womb movements.

Step 5). SuckingĀ (A dummy, breast or bottle).

Our Experiences:

Step 1: Swaddling sends Sydney into a complete meltdown. Sam was the same. After 2 hours of frustration, I gave up on step 1. I skipped to step 2.

Step 2: Syd definitely calmed down when she was on her side, rather than her back or upright.

Step 3: The video said to do this MUCH louder than I thought I would have to. It definitely helped!

Step 4: Syd settled very quickly once I began gently bouncing her.

Step 5: We didn’t get as far as step 5 – (Sucking – a dummy)! She calmed down before we got there!

Settling a colicky baby crying newborn

HOORAY for Cheryl! (And the genius Doctor Harvey Karp, who came up with these steps!)

It doesn’t send her to sleep every time, but it does calm her down!

This method is well worth a try if you’re struggling when settling a colicky baby, or a grumpy newborn!

EDIT FOR 2019…

I can’t believe Syd is almost 7 years old! It feels like yesterday when I wrote this post! Recently, I read this post on Tummy2Mummy’s blog and was reminded of the Colicky nightmare. Parenting definitely isn’t all sunshine and rainbows! Take care of yourself mamas! Finally, check out more of my baby blogs here!

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