There’s now just 6 sleeps to go until Christmas, so it’s safe to say time is of the essence now for Christmas gift shopping. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a round up post with some ideas for doll accessory gift ideas which won’t break the bank and which can still be delivered (or picked up) in time for Christmas…

Doll Accessory Gift Ideas

My daughter is 4 now, and has lots of “baby dolls”. She has My First Baby Annabell, Baby Annabell’s Brother, Baby Born, Cicciobello, and some others as well. So, the first thing you need to know when it comes to buying doll accessories is the size of the doll you’re shopping for. Here’s a list for some of the most popular UK dolls and their sizes…

My First Baby Annabell: 36cm long.

Classic Tiny Tears: 36cm long.

Baby Born: 43cm long.

Baby Annabell: 46cm long.

Chou Chou: 48cm long.

Firstly, if your little one has one of the smaller dolls… The My First Baby Annabell Moses Basket is definitely worth adding to your list of doll accessory gift ideas. At £11.99, it won’t break the bank, and it’s soft so it can be folded and stored easily. Additionally, the separate blanket can be used to cover or swaddle your doll, too. Just make sure your doll is no longer than 36cm, or it won’t fit.

Potty Training

If the recipient’s doll can use the potty, I’d definitely recommend getting some reusable nappies for it. This is definitely something most doll fans would suggest adding to your list of doll accessory gift ideas. My daughter has got a pile of them now. She loves that they can be “washed” in her pretend washing machine, then dried on the radiator, just like real nappies. You can get these ones on Amazon for under £10 delivered – so they are great value.

doll accessory gift ideas

If the intended recipient of your gift is into fairies and such like, they will probably love the Baby Born Wonderland Princess Dress. It has an RRP of £20, so is pricier than the other items I’ve included. But look how pretty it is!

I’d only opt for the Wonderland Princess Dress if you’re certain the recipient has a standard Baby Born doll,. The teeny weeny shoes probably won’t fit other brand of dolls.

My Favourite

My personal favourite doll accessory is probably the cheapest… I love Magic Bottles and juice cups! You can pick these up on most supermarket toy aisles for under £3, and they are brilliant for imaginative play! I spent hours and hours “feeding” my dolls with one of these when I was a kid. You don’t have to opt for a milk one either – there’s usually an “orange juice” option available too!

doll accessory gift ideas - magic bottle

The Baby Born Bathing Accessory Play Set is a great addition to the Baby Born Bath Play Set. It is a steal with an RRP of £9, and Baby Born looks super cute when she’s wearing it – don’t you agree?

So there you have it… 5 doll accessory gift ideas, which won’t break the bank. I set the upper limit to £20, but wanted to include lower priced items as well. Do let me know if you decide to buy any of the items mentioned or if you have any doll accessory recommendations for under £20!


FYI: I was sent the items in the videos to try out, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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