I never had an ‘original’ Furby, but when my wife bought me the snazzy, new Furby for my birthday last year, the inner child within me couldn’t hide the excitement.

With updates such as LCD eyes, improved speech and a companion app, on the surface new Furby offers plenty of promise.  He stands at around 6 inches tall, and his fluffy hair and big ears make him adorable – though the aforementioned LCD eyes do tend to ‘dance’ erratically from time to time, which may scare young children.

Furby, or ‘Furb’ as we imaginatively called him, isn’t so much a toy as an electronic pet.  Your interactions within him directly influence his actions and mannerisms as he develops.

Out of the box, Furb speaks ‘Furbish’, which can be translated using the companion app.  The more you interact with him, the more english he will pick up.  The companion app can also be used to feed him, make him sing on demand and more – with extra actions seemingly being added all the time.

You do have to take regular care of him though – neglect can turn Furby ‘evil’. A daily pat of the head and healthy feeding seem to be enough to keep him happy, but forget to do this and you risk seeing the demonic eyes of Evil Furby.

Much has been said about the lack of a power button, indeed I recall a number of Tweets for stressed parents on Xmas day, pleading for information on how to ‘shut him up’.  I suspect an awful lot of Furbies ended up in cupboards that day! I’ve always found that leaving him along for a few minutes is enough to send him to sleep – though the slighest movement can wake him up again.  To get around this, simply set him down where you want him to stay, rather than waiting for him to sleep before moving him.

Overall, Furby is a fun companion (I dare not say Toy, because he’s sat next to my laptop right now!).  My youngest, Sydney (11m), adores him and really appreciates his little quirks – though her big brother, Sam (23m) doesn’t seem too fussed.

His retail price of £65 is probably a little on the high side for what he does, and I’d target a price of between £45 and £55 to truly justify buying.


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