Sensitive Baby Skin

I have a huge issue with sensitive skin.
For as long as I can remember, loads of things have been off limits to me.
When I was 8, I sprayed aerosol deodorant under my arms copying my sister – I was holding my arms like a Monkey does for days after, as my arm pits stung.

The issues don’t end there. I have had allergic reactions to shampoos, hair dyes, make up, moisturiser, bubble bath, etc etc. For me, it seems to be that I need to avoid products with alcohol in them, and lots of additives.

When I was pregnant with Sam, I bought “the best” stuff toiletries wise – everything was Johnsons. At least it was until he got really dry skin from it. switched to Asda Little Angels bubble bath and top to toe wash – these, along with a nightly E45 massage sorted out Sam’s dry skin.

When Sydney was born, we bought Johnsons again. Within weeks, Sam’s skin was drying out again from using it, and Sydney got awful cradle cap too. We switched to the new Asda Little Angels Dry & Sensitive bath and body wash, and nothing improved. Then I realised we were still using the Johnsons bedtime bath. I cut this out for a week, and Sam’s dryness improved again.

I used olive oil on Sydney’s scalp, along with a comb to remove the cradle cap, and I am now using the new Little Angels Dry & sensitive shampoo on her. So far, the cradle cap hasn’t returned. (I will update this if it does, as I realise a week isn’t very long in the grand scheme of things).

It just goes to show, the best known brand isn’t always the best product.
I know a lot of people believe babies only need to be washed in water… Those people haven’t smelt the off milk smell from Sydney’s prescription only formula. It stinks when it is fresh, never mind when it has dried onto her skin. We have to use something to remove the eau de vomit from her.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Little Angels Dry & Sensitive products to test, but all words and opinions are my own.

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