Back in November 2003, my brother got married. The ceremony took place in a stunning castle in Cheshire, and the wedding was absolutely out of this world! I have attended plenty of wedding since then – my own included. Theirs really stands out from the pack though, so I thought today I’d share why I love Winter Weddings. I was astonished to realise over the weekend that they had b been married for 15 years now. It still seems like yesterday!

Why I love Winter Weddings

The ceremony itself was absolutely stunning – Imagine a medieval style castle, a bride dressed in stunning red and gold, while her Husband wears a kilt.

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The entire day was like something from a film. I was a bridesmaid, and wore an ivory dress, with a red velvet shawl. It was beautiful! There were red roses, and even a harp player. The ceremony was amazing.

After The Ceremony

Once the happy couple had said I do, we stepped outside into the castle’s courtyard for photographs. While out there, we were all given a glass of steaming hot Mulled Wine to keep us toasty. It was perfect. The weather was crisp and dry – they really couldn’t have hoped for a better day.

Rather than traditional confetti , we were all given small pots of bubbles to blow. This is me getting into the spirit of the day.

why I love winter weddings

The Wedding Breakfast

Once the photographs were done, we were all lead into the banquet room, which was like a scene from Game of Thrones. (without the sword fighting – obviously)! Imagine a long high table, for the bride and groom, and their closest families, then smaller tables for the rest of the guests. (Much like any other wedding breakfast). Except this one had a harpist playing throughout, and the food was a huge Carvery. See – I told you it was like a scene from Game of Thrones!

The Evening Reception

After the food, we were lead into the evening room, which was like a huge Olde Worlde bar. It was stunning. In here, we had the usual drinking, dancing and merriment you’d expect from any wedding. Pretty much all of the guests were staying at the hotel, so we all partied late into the night, before retiring to our chambers. (Which were also stunning).

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What Made It Different?

For me, several things made the wedding more appealing to a Summer one…

Firstly all of your plans don’t revolve around a sunny day. My best friend’s July wedding was on a horrible cold, etc day and of course all of the guests had dressed for sunshine.

The decor was more intimate and cosy. Something about Winter makes people huddle together – especially in a setting like my brother’s wedding.

Cost – Winter weddings are significantly cheaper than summer ones – if you’re planning your own wedding, this is definitely a good reason to love Winter Weddings!

The food is always more substantial in Winter. A full on carvery is definitely going to be more memorable than a dainty tart and salad dish. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter, of course).

Finally, the clothes people wear to Winter weddings tend to be different too. People definitely show more skin at Summer weddings!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Winter Weddings?

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