Dear so and so – Poor Sybil

Dear so and so…..

I am starting to take it personally now – I swear the TV bosses all wait for me to love a character and then they decide to kill them off!

Sybil Crawley made Downton Abbey brilliant – she was most definitely the “wild child” as far as I am concerned.
Yes, Mary may have had more blokes than her sisters put together, but she has still been reigned in and conformed in the end.

Sybil ran off with her chauffeur! Her Catholic Chauffeur to boot! That makes no odds in today’s world, but back then, it was almost unheard of, but for a family with a title – it was outrageous!

Sybil was the best thing about Downton – she always did her own thing – whether that was protesting for the vote, nursing during the war, or shacking up with her driver – she was definitely the “modern woman.”

Such a shame they have killed off the only inspirational character in the show.

Of course I’ll tune in next week, though I am sure I’ll need tissues for her funeral!

Adios Sybil – You’ll be missed in Casa Geek!

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