Pinterest Ponderings

When I attended Blog Camp last weekend, people kept mentioning pinterest.
I have used it before, but never really “got it”.
I get annoyed when I try to pin something and the image doesn’t show up in the box, and I never remember to pin stuff when I use my phone (Which is most of the time). I find the iPhone app useless, and it makes me want to scream!

HOWEVER, being the social media junkie I am, I have spent this evening refreshing my boards. Gone are the competition boards, and in their place are some shiny new ones. I have a board for sharing blog posts I like, (not just my own)! There is also a board for sharing craft, sensory and messy play ideas for kids, and one for random stuff I had to share.

I think I’ll have to add a recipes one too. And maybe a Christmas one.

Oh god – it’s started, hasn’t it? I’m addicted! I blame BlogCamp!

Anyways….. If you’re on pinterest, feel free to Follow Me. Or not.

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