Me Myself and I

Life has been crazy busy since I became a mum. I find it almost impossible to have time to myself to do stuff I want to do. I know this is the case for lots of mums, and I’m not complaining about it as such…

That being said, after almost 4 years of not giving myself a second thought, enough is enough. I am going to make time for myself, treat myself occasionally and try to remember that I need to look after myself as well as everyone else.

I started by FINALLY finding time to dye my hair. I know that sounds trivial to most, but it’s like mission impossible trying to find time to dye my hair at home. Syd shares our bedroom still, so showering in the en suite wakes her up. Rinsing dye off in the bath is almost impossible, so I have to do it during the day – Not easy when you have at least one toddler at your side all day long.

We ditched our usual Saturday plans and hubby watched the kids for a couple of hours while I dyed my hair. Those 2 hours off felt like a total treat! Definitely something I’ll be doing again VERY soon.

I usually review products on my blog for the children, so I was really excited to be sent some jewellery samples recently. New hair definitely looks even better with new earrings!

The Black studs pictured below are from Oceanic Jewellers. They are gold plated and retail at £11. They are bigger than I expected, but I’m loving them. I haven’t worn studs for years, but found these oversized ones really comfortable to wear. I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep in them, though.

The Silver drop earrings pictured above have crystal glass stones and retail at £27. They are 3cm long and butterfly fastening. These are beautiful earrings and I am going to save them to wear to my cousin’s wedding in June.

I think next on my “Me time” agenda is definitely going to have to be a haircut – It’s been 22 Months since my last one…!

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