Where does time go?

Since I became a mum, there have never been enough hours in the day. That is more true than ever at the moment, despite the 5am starts. Sometimes, it feels like someone presses Fast Forward on my day. One second it’s 5am, the next it’s 9.15, and I need to be leaving to do the first nursery run of the day, but Sam’s still in his Pyjamas. Then it’s 1 O’Clock and we’re playing on the trampoline…. until I blink and it’s 4pm – Sam’s screaming for his tea and Syd is demanding her Topsy and Tim fix…!

A few days ago, I sat down and tried to work out where my time was going. I guesstimated that I probably spend a good 2 hours a day trying to get the kids to do as I ask. (It takes me a good hour every morning to coax Sydney into getting dressed). Getting her shoes and coat on are a whole other battle!

I spend most of the day playing with the kids (AKA changing nappies, mopping up juice, dealing with tantrums in Sainsburys (pictured), and following Sam around like his personal slave). I spend several hours cooking and inhaling caffeine. I probably spend an average of 90 minutes a day in the car, and up to an hour a day is spent doing nursery runs (depending on the day of the week).

By the time the kids are asleep, I usually intend on having a quick bath, only to laze in there for 2 hours with a book. Once I am finally parked in front of my laptop with every intention of writing a review; or that blog post I have been putting off for weeks, I suddenly find myself distracted by an email telling me I’ve not played bingo online for a while.

Once I’ve had my bingo fix, I remember we need nappies, so I have to do a last minute online food shop. This of course takes the best part of an hour, as I can’t just order nappies. Then as I finally start writing, I realise Sam’s uniform is still in the washer, so I go and put it in the dryer, make myself a cup of tea, inhale some chocolate and then return to the lounge… Just as Hubby clocks off work! (It’s 11pm by this time). I then have two choices – try to write while he’s watching TV, or call it a day, do zero writing and collapse in an exhausted heap.

You’ll notice there was no mention of cleaning in my day – that’s because Hubby does the majority of it. Our children undo it in his wake, so I tend to refer to it as “time wasting”. I wish I knew how some people manage to keep their homes squeaky clean while juggling pre schoolers and toddlers – It’s like mission impossible here!

I should probably confess to spending far more time than is strictly necessary on social media too – before my darling husband points that out! 

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