You Know You’re A Mummy When…

This week, I did something my Father would have been really upset by. Something I never thought I was capable of…

I popped the liner in our pond so that the water would drain away!


I grew up with a large fish pond in the garden, and spent many hours sitting by it, reading or listening to the water trickle down the waterfall, and out of the fountain, so when we landscaped our garden in 2009, it was only natural that I made hubby (he was then “The Mr”) put in a pond for me.

Since then, a lot has changed. We have gone from being 2 professionally driven people to getting married & almost having 2.4 children within 3 years.

Now, I look at the pond and see danger. I see the risk of my son falling into it & drowning. I see the hard graft of cleaning it out twice a year, and the constant cleaning of the filters all summer long.

So yesterday, I took a knife to the liner & now my beloved pond is a barren, squidgy hole. (I just want to add that there were no fish in the pond)!

I was going to make hubby fill it with soil so I could turn it into a herb planter, but the petrol drama means fuel is very limited, so god knows when that’ll happen.

Keep your eyes peeled for a post updating you on the progress of my herb planter. But in the meantime… any suggestions on which herbs I should plant would be much appreciated!!

In answer to my blog title: You know you’re a Mummy when…. You slice and dice your pond to turn it into a herb planter!

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