Wimbledon Wishes

I am a bit of a geek when it comes to Tennis. I have loved it for as long as I can remember. I used to watch Newsround and get jealous as they interviewed the “Ball boys” and “Ball girls” who were working on Centre Court during Wimbledon.

I have never been a Tennis player – just a fan! I think if I was ever lucky enough to get to Wimbledon, I’d probably be
more at home sitting on Murray Mound (formerly known as Henman Hill)
with a picnic, than mingling with the elite down on Centre Court. (Not that I’d turn down centre court seats, of course)! .

I remember being about 14 and being beyond excited when Tennis Dresses were fashionable. Remember those? I had a few of them – Reebok ones in particular were very popular. How times change!.

I don’t think we’ll see Andy Murray’s girlfriend, Kim Sears rocking a Navy Blue and Yellow striped Tennis Dress, somehow! Can you imagine Centre Court if she did?! The press would have a field day. I am pretty sure she will rock up wearing her usual knee length dress, jacket and sunglasses ensemble. I have no idea how she manages to sit there for as long as she does without getting burnt. She must layer on the suncream beforehand..

I’d be the worst Tennis WAG ever – I’d be smothered in factor 50, covered in freckles, rocking a frizzy hair do, thanks to the heat.

There is no way I could sit for hours on end in the sunshine wearing a dress and high heels, either. I’d be borrowing Andy’s spare Tennis Whites if I were her!.

I have to say though – I love that the press don’t hound her too much. I bet she can still nip into most places by herself, without being recognised.

Anyways… I digress! Wimbledon starts on June 23rd this year, and the finals are on 6th July. I am crossing everything that Murray can make it two in a row, and retain the title. I was a bit sad to hear that Laura Robson won’t be competing this year. (She is having minor wrist surgery)..

I was relieved to see the Wimbledon final won’t clash with any of the World Cup fixtures – I’d hate to have to choose between the two! It was bad enough when we were at Silverstone on Wimbledon final day a few years back..

What about you? Have you been lucky enough to get to Wimbledon? Want to buy me a ticket?! Let me know below!.

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