My weight has been creeping back up lately, so when I was asked if I’d like to give the SlimFast 321 Starter Pack a try for a week, I happily agreed. Read on to find out if #SlimFastWorksForMe.

Find out if #SlimFastWorksForMe

Find out if #SlimFastWorksForMe

The set comes in a large box, and contains all the Slim Fast items you need to get you through 7 days on the 321 Plan.

Inside the box, I got:

  • 2x Cafe Latte Shakes
  • 2x Summer Strawberry Shakes
  • 2x Chunky Chocolate Shakes
  • 2x Chocolate Crunch Meal Bars
  • 2x Summer Berry Meal Bars
  • 4x Caramel Treat Snack Bars
  • 3x Chocolate Delight Snack Bars
  • 4x Cheddar Bites Snacks
  • 3x Sour Cream and Chive Pretzel Snacks

Each day, you eat 3 snacks (under 100 calories, and as healthy as possible). 2 Meal Replacements (Shakes or bars) and 1 healthy meal under 600 calories. I had a shake for breakfast each day, then a meal replacement for lunch. I had 1 snack between lunch and my evening meal (Usually Quorn with vegetables, or veg-tastic pasta). The evening involved eating my last 2 snacks.

I am going to be 100% honest in my feedback here, so brace yourself for the truth…

Find out if #SlimFastWorksForMe

I really enjoyed having the shakes for breakfast. Personally, one of my shortfalls is skipping breakfast then eating junk before lunch. The shake stopped me doing that. It didn’t leave me feeling full, but definitely got me to lunch time without feeling the need to snack.

I was not a fan of the meal bars at all, I found them to be too sweet. I am a bit of a traditionalist, and like savoury things for meals. The berry bar tasted alright, but I didn’t like the chocolate one at all. It tasted a bit too “processed” for me to enjoy.

The savoury snacks were both delicious – the pretzels in particular were amazing. I have actually bought some more of these since finishing the 321 challenge, as they were really tasty.

The chocolate snack bars were alright, but I think I’d rather eat a fun size version of a normal bar of chocolate if I needed a chocolate fix.

The Price

The price of this box is £30, which means you only have to worry about your evening meals for the entire week. That works out at around £4.30 a day for breakfast, lunch and all your snacks. You’re meant to drink water, but I did swap one of my snacks for milk a few times so I could have a few cups of tea through the day. (I’m a caffeine junkie)!

I guess now would be a good time to tell you how the scales looked after 7 days on the 321 plan…

Find out if #SlimFastWorksForMe

I’m amazed I lost 4 and a half pounds, and am thrilled with this result! I’ve definitely felt thinner. (My muffin top had shrunk considerably). It’s definitely fair to say that #SlimFastWorksForMe

I loved how convenient it is. I really appreciated the fact I only had to think about one meal a day, and I found I had more time in my day as I could eat breakfast and lunch on the go. Now that Sam has started school and I’ll have to leave home before 8am to drive him there, I will definitely be buying shakes, so that I can drink my breakfast en-route.

In the importance of transparency, I feel I should also mention that I probably would have lost the same amount of weight if I had stuck to a low calorie diet. This would not have been so convenient for me, personally though.

My Thoughts

I’d definitely consider following the 321 plan again, though I’d probably skip the meal bars and sweet snacks, and just buy shakes and savoury snacks. (Shakes have an RRP of £1.99 each, and meal replacement boxes cost around £5.79 and each box contains 4 meal bars. Snacks are available for £0.59 each).

If you shop around, you can usually find some good deals on them, so it’s worth checking out online retailers. There are lots of other flavours to try if you buy them separately too. The Peanut meal replacement bars sound like something I’d enjoy, as do the noodles and banana shakes.

The 7 day starter pack does work out cheaper if you are going to buy like for like items though, plus if you use subscribe and save on amazon, you’ll pay even less.

All told, I would recommend the starter set for a quick fix. If you need to lose weight, ready for a function then it’s a great option. I’m not sure I’d be able to last much longer than a week at a time on the plan, though as I did get bored by around day 5. Let me know if you decide to do the Find out if #SlimFastWorksForMe challenge.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the item to try, but all words and opinions are my own.

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