Today I’m sharing my Bucket List Ponderings. I’m 32 now, and I have recently been thinking about all of the things I’m yet to do. This made me consider my bucket list, and how it’s changed in the past 15 years. Back when I was a carefree 16 year old, my main goal in life was to live in Australia. This had been my dream since I was a child, wistfully watching the lives of the characters in Summer Bay and Ramsay Street. Somehow, life in Australia just appealed to me. While I would still love to visit Oz, I doubt very much I’ll ever live there now.

Bucket List Ponderings

Another of my bucket list items was to go to Las Vegas and “put it all on red” – don’t ask me why, but somehow taking this huge, 50/50 risk has always been something I’d love to do. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t put every penny I own down, but certainly my budget for the night. Life as a mum means the chances of me getting over to Caesar’s Palace or the Bellagio any time soon are minimal, so a trip down to The Ritz or another of London’s top casinos  is a bit more realistic.

Something else I have always wanted to do is write my own book. This isn’t something I have ever told anyone else. Additionally, as I have zero free time, it’s yet another bucket list item which is on the “probably won’t happen” pile. Honestly: I don’t even have an idea for a book. I used to love writing short stories as a teen. So I guess I always dreamed I’d be able to expand on that and get my name in print. I have had a couple of by lines in the paper and other publications, but it’s not quite the same…!

Bucket List Ponderings

Ticked Off

There are a few things I have managed to cross off my bucket list though, I learnt to drive, had lots of amazing girls holidays, drank way too much and partied so hard the heel fell off my dancing shoes (true story)!

I swam with sharks a couple of years ago too. Granted, I wasn’t in the ocean… But I did get in the tank at Sealife Centre Manchester and get up close and personal with their sharks, turtles and marine life – it was AMAZING!

I have added a few things to my Bucket List Ponderings which as a 16 year old, I didn’t imagine would be there. As a carefree teenager, being mortgage free had never occurred to me. I hadn’t yet ran up all the debt I am now working towards clearing.

Being able to take my children to Disney World was never on my agenda back then, because I didn’t think I’d ever have kids. Now, it’s right up there in my top 5 things to do. My son has Autism, so I’m not sure how successful a 10 hour flight would be. Perhaps Disneyland Paris will be a little less stressful to accomplish.

How much has your bucket list transformed since your school days?

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