If I am being 100% honest, flowers aren’t at the top of my Mother’s Day wish list. My own Mum, on the other hand loves to receive Flowers For Mother’s Day each year. When Blossoming Gifts got in touch and asked if I’d like to receive one of their Mother’s Day Bouquets, I eagerly accepted. Having received their flowers on two previous occasions, I knew what to expect.

Flowers For Mother’s Day

The following day, the postman arrived with a huge box, containing the most beautiful bouquet of Bubblegum Pink Roses I have ever seen!

Flowers For Mother's Day - bouquet

They were well packed inside the box – shown above. When I opened them up, I was pleased to find the stems were tied together, so I could keep them in their perfect arrangement when I trimmed them down. They are definitely perfect Flowers For Mother’s Day.

Flowers For Mother's Day

This bouquet has an RRP of £31.99, including delivery, but I’ve got a fab discount code, offering 33% off all bouquets (excluding the “flowers by post” items). Simply enter BGIFTS33 when prompted, at the checkout.

My Thoughts

As Mother’s Day flowers go, this particular arrangement is beautiful, but the stems were a little short. I ended up putting mine in a jug, as they were too short for my vase. I have had them for 3 days now, and the Roses opened up beautifully, but they are starting to droop a little and go brown on the petals – despite changing the water.

My previous arrangement from Blossoming Gifts was much larger. Those flowers looked amazing for longer than the roses have. I guess that’s the thing with Roses though… They look amazing when they are perfect, but they pass that point quicker than hardier flowers do.

This arrangement came with a free box of chocolates, which is definitely a bonus for this Mother! (A full night’s sleep and a cup of tea in bed are still top of my wish list, though!)

Flowers For Mother's Day - free chocolates

If Roses are your Mum’s favourites, this arrangement is incredible value once you apply the 33% off code. Personally, I’d opt for a bouquet with less Roses and more Carnations and Freesia, which lasted well over 3 weeks in my last arrangement.

Finally, read more of my reviews here.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the bouquet and discount code, and thought I’d share – simples! 

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