A few hours off Mummy duties

On Saturday, my Auntie and Cousin were watching Batman & Robyn, so DaddyGeek and I could have a few hours off. This was the first time since Sam was born that we’d had any time to ourselves.

The day started by me dropping the kids off at my cousin’s at 11am. By the time I had unloaded their stuff, shown my cousin how to operate the pram, explained how Syd’s bottles worked and the sling, it was gone 11.30am when I left. I arrived back home just before noon, and let DaddyGeek take over the driving. (He is an AWFUL passenger).

First, we had to take back a Christmas Train Set I had bought in Smyth’s the week before. I had tried 2 sets of batteries in it, but it just wouldn’t work. The woman in the store insisted on testing it, and of course the flaming thing worked when she did! Cue red faces and leaving the store with the train set!

Next up, we decided to brave the Next Sale to get the kids some new clothes. I spent £7.50! There was next to nothing left! Our Third port of call was Bottany Bay to find a Pink Dragon (long story). We didn’t find it (Are you noticing a pattern yet)?!

The Fourth stop on our day of freedom was meant to be a Child Free lunch. The idea of eating a meal without having to balance a baby on my knee, share my food with a toddler or have to wrestle him into a highchair seemed too good to be true. It was! The restaurant was full! Lunch ended up being a sandwich from Tesco!

I had told my cousin we’d be back by 3pm, so of course we hit traffic on our way back, and it was closer to 4pm when we got to her house. She said the kids had been amazing, and that Sydney had only been slightly sick on her. (I am starting to think my kids are just demons for me)! We then set off home.

When we arrived, I set to work making Sydney a bedtime bottle. I then realised one of her bottles (containing just water) had leaked into my bag on the journey home. Annoying. Then when I opened Sydney’s prescription only formula tin, it was full of the water from the leaky bottle. The formula had gone lumpy and smelt funny. I rang the emergency GP for advice, and he said to go and collect a prescription from the local hospital. He warned me they didn’t dispense her type of formula at the hospital though, and that I’d be best ringing pharmacies before collecting the prescription to find one which had it and opened late on a Saturday Night.

I rang 6 local late night pharmacies and not one had it in stock. I decided to go to the hospital to collect the prescription, in the hope the receptionist could give me a list of other pharmacies to try. I won’t go into too much detail about what happened next, but she accused me of, “running out of formula.” She also said I’d have to wait until Monday to collect it, at which I cried and asked her if she was going to watch a 12 week old baby starve for 2 days. I also shouted, and she then rang every single late night pharmacy in Greater Manchester. Not one of them had the formula in stock. Just as I was about to ring the GP and give him a peace of my (now in tatters) mind, another receptionist suggested asking the Children’s Ward…. they had loads of the stuff, so happily let me take one!

By this time, it was 8pm ish. I set off for home, only to find the main road between the hospital and my house had been closed due to a terrible road traffic accident. (A young boy lost his life). I was diverted into deepest, darkest Salford. I was lost. I was scared. I was about to have a nervous breakdown! Thanks to the wonders of technology, DaddyGeek was able to find out where I was (using the find my friends iPhone app) then he directed me home another way. It was after 9pm when I got home. I was more stressed, exhausted and worked up than I am most days…!!

Would I do it all again for another few hours of freedom? YES. Probably…!!

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