Our Ravensburger Puzzles Party

Last week, I mentioned that we’d been selected as hosts for the Ravensburger Twitter Party. Part of that meant throwing a party at home for the kids and their friends. The idea being that they had a chance to explore some of the Ravensburger Puzzles.

We had a brilliant afternoon, and the kids got stuck in with the puzzles! Here’s a few snapshots from our afternoon…

The kids (and parents) all joined in. DaddyGeek got more than a little excited when he won the main Pass the Parcel prize…. (The things you do to stop a load of 3 year olds from fighting, hey)!

I spent a good 40 minutes building the 3D Minion – It took me 25 of those to work out how the first 5 pieces connected. Once I’d worked that out, I built the rest quickly and easily!

The children loved their Shopkins Prizes, and they enjoyed making their own puzzles, as well as eating all the party food and putting together the Ravensburger Puzzles.

We had a great afternoon, and I bet we’ll have many more to come, thanks to all the fab puzzles we’ve added to our jigsaw collection!

Don’t worry if you missed the Twitter Party, you can still check out their full range of children’s puzzles here…

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