Sam was 4 in June. He is still non verbal, and is very much still in the “own agenda” stage. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing an update on our  Autism journey. Read on to find out where we’re up to.

Our Autism Journey So Far

Last week, we received the Sylvanians Treehouse to review, and he took to it immediately. He’s been playing in a way I’ve never seen him play before – very much normally! He’s been putting the characters down the slide, “walking” them up the ladders and lying them on the bed. It’s been amazing to watch!

Sam usually refuses to join in with any writing or colouring activities. He will hold the pen occasionally but never puts it to the paper. Yesterday, Syd and I were doing some writing practise in her wipe clean book. Sam was watching with interest, so I got him to come and sit on my knee. As soon as he sat down, Sam took the pen from my hand and proceeded to draw all over the page!

Our Autism Journey - Sam mark making at age 4

I then turned to the shapes pages and asked him to find the Circle… Sam then coloured it in! I did the same with every shape in turn, and he coloured in the correct one each time!


When I dropped him at nursery today, I told them what he’d done and when I went back to collect him, they told me they’d laminated some shapes drawings for him, and he’d been identifying them and colouring them in for them, as well. Apparently, he’d been clapping himself each time he got one right.

I cannot believe how excited he was about it! I am now on a miaow to find different types of laminated books / pictures for him to colour in. The one we have is amazing for tracing letters, numbers, lines and shapes, but I think Sam needs a basic colouring book for now – something a bit less structured.

Nursery said they are going to laminate some blank paper for him to use there. I think I’ll see how he gets on with that, and consider doing the same for at home.

Sam’s also been more vocal this past week. He’s been trying to say a LOT more. I am so proud of Sam right now, I could burst. All we need is for him to start sleeping, and maybe I will actually pop with excitement!

Watching the progress he’s making is so emotional. He’s so much calmer and happier than he was 6 months ago. He’s a truly amazing little boy, inside and out. Finally, if this update on Our Autism Journey has been useful, this post on Autism Stims will help too.

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  1. As an educator in Early Years i have worked with many autistic children and reading this made my heart soar. I can only imagine how you must have felt 🙂

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