Sam will be 4 in June. He is in the process of being assessed for Sensory Processing Disorder, and already has an Autism diagnosis. He is still non verbal for the most part, although Sam will now lead us to what he wants – sometimes. So today I’m sharing some info on Sam’s Autism Stims and why they occur.

Autism Stims (aka stimmig)

Recently, Sam has been seeking out physical sensory input more and more (known as stimming). He has always rocked back and forth, and has been jumping and flapping for several months too – none of these stims bother me. They make Sam happy, so that makes them ok in my book.

Biting is the stim which used to worry me the most. He will try to bite and chew almost everything. Leather and people are his favourite items to chomp on. We have found a few items we can usually get him to bite instead though – chewy tubes and dribble bibs for the most part.

Firstly, Cheeky Chompers dribble bibs were an absolute lifesaver, as they have a chewy part on the bib itself. Unfortunately they are too small for him now. He’s wearing one in this photo as he rolls around on the floor flapping in excitement. (His “Happy” stim).

Sam lay on the floor, rocking and smiling - Autism Stims.


Recently, Sam’s been eating a lot of things which aren’t meant to be eaten. Plastic, paper and plants are his favourites. This is very worrying, and means we can’t really take our eyes off him.

The main thing I am worried about is his most recent habit – he has started butting things. Sometimes it’s pillows or his foam play mat. Other times, it’s walls, people or toys. He laughs as he does it, and doesn’t seem to hurt himself. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it hurts when he butts me, though!

We are seeing his paediatrician next week, and have an occupational therapist appointment in 4 weeks’ time. I am hoping we can get some advice from them to help with the butting and the PICA (eating inappropriate things).

In the meantime, all help and advice would be most welcome!!

Finally, this is not a sponsored post. All products mentioned are done so because I have bought them and they have helped.

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