An update on Sam

I thought it was about time I posted a quick update on Sam’s progress. A lot has changed since I blogged about my autism concerns in January – for the better! 

Sam is now walking! He took his first unaided steps on Valentine’s Day, and started walking properly last week (Good Friday). It seems Sam likes to tick off milestones on special days! 

He is also making a lot more eye contact with people, and trying to talk. He can’t really say much yet, but he is finding ways to make his needs known. (Throwing empty cups, lying on the changing mat, making chewy noises). He hasn’t really picked up baby sign in the traditional sense, but Sydney seems to have shown him that it is possible to show what he wants. 

Sam is definitely learning a lot from his baby sister. He ignores her for the most part, but anything she gets praise for seems to spur him on to do it too. (She says “Dada,” and Sam is now trying really hard to say it too. (It sounds like “aaa-eeee,” but we are pretty sure that’s what he means). 

Syd is learning a lot from Sam too, so it is definitely a two way thing. She is now desperate to walk, and gets very frustrated when Sam gets praised for walking well. Syd is rolling over for fun, backward commando crawling, bum shuffling and almost pulling herself up now, so it won’t be long until they are both running rings around me! 

Sam’s behaviour has improved a lot recently too. He still has his quirky ways (he insists on having his hand tickled almost constantly now), but on the whole, a lot of our concerns seem to have resolved themselves.

Speech therapy is definitely needed, but hopefully his communication skills will improve once he has access to that.

We have a date for his speech therapy and psychologist referrals now too – 23rd April, so not too long to wait. 

In the meantime, I am going to watch in awe as my babies help each other to develop and learn. 

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