Photo 365 – Day 93-94

Day 93: Wednesday 3rd April 2013

The sun came out this morning, so I popped Syd into her pram, and decided to walk to our local park. Sam walked holding my hand for half of the journey. I carried him the other half. The kids love the swings (as I think this snapshot shows). The walk back home involved lots of carrying… My arms are killing me today. Carrying a 35lb toddler while pushing a pram is not for the faint hearted! 

Day 94: Thursday 4th April 2013

Sam turned 22 Months old today. We had a nice quiet morning at home, then we went and met my mum for a coffee. (The kids had some fruit and juice, the coffee was just for the grown ups)! We all went for a bit of a walk, before returning home. Sam made a bee line for this, and stood, spinning the beads for ages. I reckon there’s a genius lurking behind his quietness.

Until next time…!

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