Photo 365 – Day 86-92

The kids have both been full of colds, and I’ve had some time away from the computer over Easter, so here comes a massive catch up!

Day 86: Wednesday 27th March 2013

Sam ended up getting in our bed in the middle of the night, as he was really restless. At around 7am, Syd woke up and started babbling. This is Sam’s unimpressed, “you woke me up” face, and bed head. 

Day 87: Thursday 28th March 2013

We went to the new Kiddicare store in Aintree, and I was super impressed by the Mummy and child toilets. There was plenty of room in the cubicle for our Phil n Teds pram, too!

Day 88: Friday 29th March 2013. (Good Friday)

We went to visit my Aunt, and Sam decided it was about time he did some proper walking. He spent the entire afternoon walking up and down this hallway! These were some of his first unaided steps! (More than 4 at a time, anyway).

Day 89: Saturday 30th March, 2013.

I had to have “the talk” with Sam at bath time – you know… the one about not doing headstands in the bath…! 

Day 90: Sunday 31st March 2013 (Easter Sunday)

Sam was really snotty today. He had a bad night’s sleep, and flaked out over my lap at lunch time. This photo reminded me of the kid in the “YOP” advert… “Gimmie Yop, me mama… Yop, me mama…”

Day 91: Monday 1st April 2013 (April Fools Day).

The kids made fools out of me this morning… They tipped 200 ball pool balls over the floor before 8am. It seems colds don’t de-activate their “Terrorise mama” missions! 

Day 92: Tuesday 2nd April, 2013.

Syd’s cold is in full force now. We spent the day at home so she could keep warm. Sam had his first go on the cbeebies website (via my iPad). He was an expert at popping those bubbles!

PHEW! That’s it! Mammoth catch up: DONE!

Until next time…!

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