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Since I became pregnant with Sam, Kiddicare has been one of my favourite places to shop. They offer amazing discounts on pretty much all things baby. When I heard they were opening a store in Aintree, I knew I had to make the 80 mile round trip to see the store for myself. I was lucky enough to be invited along to tour the store with some fellow bloggers earlier this week.

The store itself was really easy to find. It is on a huge retail park, so there were plenty of parking spaces. The shop itself is HUGE! Their are different sections, which makes it easy to find what you need.

The car seat zone has every type of carseat they sell on display. The car seat experts will help you choose and fit the best car seat for you. On busy days, there is even an eQueue system in place. You tap your name and mobile number in on an iPad, and they will send you a text once they are free to assist you. This means you don’t have to hang around waiting. Clever, eh!

The V.I.B. (Very Important Baby) section is kind of like a personal
shopping service. You sit down with one of the Kiddicare staff members
and work out your budget and wish list, then they show you products they
would recommend to meet your needs. This is a free, no obligation
service. I would have loved this when I was expecting my first baby, as I
was completely clueless. There is even a Kiddi Cinema in this section –
TVs for your children to watch while you get busy working out what you
want to buy.

There are several play areas dotted throughout the store. They are located in areas where parents will probably spend a fair amount of time, and help to prevent kids getting bored while their parents shop. The play areas seemed really popular!

There is an event room, which will host classes, too. We had a taster
class – “Time for Ted” and it was amazing. Sydney had a great time. The
class was based around a teddy bear, and involved lots of singing,
playing with different toys, hearing stories and fun. If we lived closer
to the store, we’d definitely be joining up with the class.

The Highchair Zone was floor to ceiling highchairs. Every highchair Kiddicare sell is displayed on this wall. As with all products, you are encouraged to “try before you buy” – If you ask a member of staff, they will happily bring out any model from the back for you to have a proper look at it. The wall looked amazing, but it was a bit hard to see the models up at the top.

The pushchair area was amazing. I have never seen so many prams under one roof. They were all available to test, and there was a cool path for you to test drive them along.  I had a go of two of the pushchairs I have been considering and decided against buying either as they felt too heavy. The fact I could test them in person meant I didn’t have to waste my time ordering then returning them. I would definitely make the 80 mile round journey again for this

The Buggy MOT section offers free MOT’s on all prams, pushchairs and strollers. (Even if they were bought elsewhere). If they find any issues, they will be able to advise you what items you need to replace, (and fit them for you for free, if you buy them from kiddicare). I thought this was an amazing service to offer, and I would definitely buy a pushchair from the store, knowing I had a dedicated repair centre at my point of sale, should any issues arise.

I loved the fact that some of the Nursery Furniture was displayed in rooms the size of most “box rooms” – this allowed you to get a realistic idea as to how many items you’d be able to fit into smaller bedrooms. (I didn’t manage to get a photo of this, but one of my biggest gripes when I was shopping for furniture was that most of it wouldn’t fit into our nursery).

We were treated to lunch from the Kiddicare cafe, and I have to say, my Panini and coffee were lovely. I would regularly go into the store just to enjoy these facilities with the kids, If I lived locally. I predict the Starbucks coffee and all of the play zones will make the store a popular community hub for Mums.

There are healthy Kids Packed Lunches available, too. For £3, you get a sandwich, drink and 3 other items (fruit, crisps, baby snacks, small chocolate bars, yogurts, or cheese are available). Inside the box was a pack of crayons, and the box itself was designed to be coloured in. Sam enjoyed his lunch, and my panini was really good, too! There were lots of highchairs available for use in the cafe, which was more than welcomed by us!

Just next to the cafe is the Nursing Nest – a designated quiet area for mums to breastfeed in peace – if they don’t want to use the cafe. I thought this was a nice touch. Their was one other thing which got me very excited – the toilets!

Inside each cubicle was a normal sized toilet, and a smaller, toddler sized one. There was also plenty of space to take your pram inside the cubicle with you – look! (The door is closed, and I am standing just to the side of the pram).

The baby change facilities were good, as well as the toilets. There was space to change 3 babies at the same time.

I was relieved both Sam and Sydney slept while I walked round the huge toy section. I am pretty sure I’d have spent a small fortune if they’d been awake.

The free giftwrap was another thing which I thought was an amazing
touch. There’s a large gift wrapping station located near the exit. You
can help yourself to a sheet of wrapping paper to wrap up any gifts
you’ve purchased in store.

The new Nutmeg clothing range (Morrisons, but available in Kiddicare) is
amazing value. I bought Sam a couple of Tshirts for £2 each. They feel
great quality and are funky styles too. There was a lot of stuff I could
have bought, but I had bought the kids loads of clothes 2 days
previously. (This is Sam in one of the Tshirts yesterday).

All told, we had a great time at Kiddicare Aintree. I would
definitely recommend parents to be visit their local Kiddicare store before making any
large purchases. Their prices are cheaper than most High Street
retailers, the service is amazing, and the 365 day returns policy means
you can change your mind.

If I lived locally, I would visit
the store on a more regular basis. The clothing section is brilliant,
and the safety zone even allows you to see baby gates set up, so you can
master opening them before you buy them. You can buy essential items
like baby food, milk, bottles, dummies etc, in store too. Find out where your closest store is HERE

I give Kiddicare Aintree two thumbs up. Now they just need to open one in Manchester so I can visit more often.

This is not a sponsored post. we attended The Kiddicare blogger’s tour, were provided with a complimentary lunch and goodie bag, but all words and opinions are my own.

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