I was recently sent a Pink Lining Queensdale Tote Bag to review. It is no secret that I am a HUGE Pink Lining fan. I was beyond excited about the Queensdale tote, as the adjustable straps were something I had been dying to try for ages. The style of bag I received was Blue Bouquet – Perfect for Spring and Summer.

As you can see from the photo below, the bag has 4 holes and comes with 2 straps. You can fasten them to the bag in a number of ways. Here are the 4 I liked best:

The cool thing about Queensdale Tote is that it allows you to connect your straps from front to back, rather than left to right. (Top-left photo). This means you can clip the bag onto your pushchair’s handle bars, and it will stay there until you unclip it – less likely to be stolen, dropped or left behind. It is also really easy to access the bag without having to remove it from the pushchair.

You can connect the straps in a traditional 2 handled shoulder bag
style. (Top-centre photo). This style allows the bag to pop onto the
handle bars of any single stroller easily. It means your bag is higher
up, so easier to access, and out of the way of your basket.

You can have the straps connected together to make 1 long strap (top-right photo). This strap is the only way I can use the bag with our Phil n Teds stroller. It allows the bag to sit comfortably under the rear seat, and I can gain access to my belongings easily. It is the only one of my Pink Lining Bags to fit under easily – even my Twins Bag is a very tight squeeze. Fastening the straps like this leaves you with a smaller opening to get into the bag, but you can unclip the strap easily if you need full access.

Inside the bag, there are two small hooks, which clip together to give the bag it’s gathered in appearance. You can choose to leave this undone to give the bag a 4th style – (The bottom photo). This looks more like a beach style bag, and gives you even more storage space.

The clips are really easy to use. You just pull back on the small nib, and the clasp opens (like a giant necklace clasp). They feel really sturdy to use.

The Queensdale Tote Bag is HUGE. If Mary Poppins was ever looking for a new bag, I’d send her out for one of these. It holds so much stuff, it’s unreal!

The below photos show the bag empty, and then full. When it is full, it has all of this inside it: 4 nappies, full pack of wipes, 2x large jars of baby food, 1x bottle of Calpol, 6 bibs, 1 coverall bib, 2 spoons, 1 medicine syringe, nappy cream, 1 dummy and clip, teething gel, 1 pen, 1 large Pink Lining Purse, 1 vest, 1 dress, 1 pair of tights (all age 9-12m), 1 vest, 1 pair of joggers, 1 jumper (all age 3-4), 2 sippy cups, 2 packs of raisins, 4 toddler biscuits, 1 bag of toddler snacks, 1 teething rattle, Pink Lining changing mat, Pink Lining Mirror and Pink Lining wet bag.

The Queensdale tote holds all of that and still fastens easily.

The two small brown straps inside the bag are what clip together to give the bag the pulled in look.

The bag’s exterior feels well made. It is wipe clean, and the pockets are embroidered with a lovely design. The straps feel thick and hard wearing, and the clasps feel like they are going to last. The clasps rotate, so twisted straps won’t happen! On the front of the bag, there are two large pockets. These have
magnetic fasteners and are ideal for storing small, frequently used
items (your phone, keys, a small purse) safely.

Inside the bag, the tell tale Pink Lining is waiting to brighten your day. There are two pockets to hold nappies, wipes and such like. Two insulated bottle pockets (I use these to hold baby food, snacks and nappy cream now we don’t need to carry bottles any more). There is also a zip up section and another small pocket inside, perfect for holding a mobile phone (or raisins)! The main bag section fastens with 1 press stud.

The reverse of the bag is plain, (well, it has the amazing fabric, but it has no pockets or such like).

I have been using the bag for a Month now, I I have to say, it is definitely my favourite out of all of my Pink Lining bags to date. It is really easy to access, flexible, and HUGE! I love the fact it holds so much. It is taller than most of my other bags, and deeper too. It measures 35 x 32.5 x 30cm.

The only thing which might make it unsuitable for some people is the fact it only fastens with 1 press stud – this means anybody can access your bag. I found this out the hard way last week when a toddler pulled a box of pro plus out of my fastened bag at a birthday party! (The joys of non sleeping babies)!

I have received lots of compliments about the bag, and would definitely recommend it to others. I would give it 4.5 out of 5.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the bag to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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