Anyone who knows me in real – life will tell you I’m a big kid. So much so, even Syd now calls me the biggest kid in the house. So when we were asked to do a Squeakee Mini’s review, I was happy to accept. Read on to find out how we got on, in this warts n all review.

Warts n all Squeakee Mini’s Review

There’s 3 different Squeakee Mini’s available to collect, and each one has an RRP of £9.99. They are all suitable for children aged 5 and over., and come with batteries included. We are focussing on Billo the Monkey in today’s review. You can also get Heelie the Puppy and Poppy the Bunny.

all 3 Squeaky Mini's review characters in one photo

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to mention we received two Squeakee Mini’s – Billo The Monkey and Poppy The Bunny. unfortunately, the bunny was faulty, so we couldn’t include it in our review.

How Squeakee Mini’s Work

When you remove them from the packaging, they are in try me mode, so you have to turn them over and switch them into “on”. Once this has been done, you are good to go.

Rather than spending ages explaining how Billo the Monkey works, we made this video so you can see for yourself…

What They Do

Here’s a brief rundown of what you can do with Squeakee Mini’s…

 Inflate Them:

The first thing we did was blow on Billo, so he “inflates”. When you blow onto the air hole on his chest area, Billo makes two “inflating” noises, followed by a “pop”.

Pet Them:

When you pet their head, your Squeakee Mini will make excited noises.

Talk To Them:

When you press and hold their nose and talk, your Squeakee Mini will repeat your phrase back to you in a faster, high pitched voice… Just like Helium changes your voice. (I’d avoid telling your kids helium does this though… Or they’ll be sucking helium from balloons and risking all kinds of issues – including suffocation).

close up of bill and poppy Squeakee Mini's

How We Found Them

Squeakee Minis are a cute novelty gift, but the length of play is short in my experience. The noises are also irritating after a while. My daughter who featured in the above video has now switched Billo off and put him on her desk next to the broken Poppy Bunny as he “looks cute”, but she doesn’t like the sounds.

My 9 year old son is Autistic and obsessed with balloons. He loved the look of Billo, but the sounds were a huge trigger for him, and caused several meltdowns.

For the £10 RRP, I think there are definitely better toys out there. These are a fun novelty gift to give, but don’t expect them to be played with for long, or appreciated by the parents.

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