It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Nintendo, and often wear Nintendo tops. My kids are almost 9 and 10 now, so I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear they are often found wearing Nintendo merch, too. As they’ve grown a lot recently, I have been searching online for new Nintendo tops for kids. I found a new retailer, called and figured I would share my findings with my readers. I’ve made a shortlist below, so you can help me decide which to buy.

Where To Buy Nintendo Tops For Kids

As a child, I owned a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), then a SNES (the “Super” version). After this, I also got an original Nintendo Gameboy. I’ve written about my love of Nintendo many times over the years though, so I won’t rehash it too much. Suffice to say though, that I am a huge fan of retro Mario, Zelda and more modern Animal Crossing. (That’s thanks to my daughter, and the Nintendo Switch though).

Enough of my rambling though – read on to check out some cool Nintendo clothes for kids I’ve discovered.

Mario Tops For Kids

The Mario top I spotted really made me giggle…

kids Nintendo gameboy top

My love of the original Nintendo Gameboy meant this caught my eye. Then when I realised it has Mario jumping from the screen, I was hooked! It went into my basket for Sam.

This print is available on several different products – including long sleeved t-shirts and baby vests. These are also available in a host of different colours, including the epic “Yoshi green”, pictured. With an RRP of £17.70, this top isn’t going to break the bank. (There’s a 20% off discount code available right now though, so it’s down to under £15 at present).

Zelda Tops For Kids

I found these two Zelda tops which I thought would suit Sam in particular. There were dozens of different Zelda themed t-shirts available, though if you searched for “Zelda”.

Kids Nintendo Zelda Tops

The top on the left has an RRP of £16 and is available in kids’ ages 1-2 right through to 11-12. The top on the right has an RRP of £17.70, and covers the same sizes. Both tops are available in a range of colours and the prints are also available on different products.

Yoshi Tops

I have a real soft spot for Yoshi, so I was happy to find him on several different designs. I think the Jurassic Park one is my personal favourite though…

Nintendo Yoshi T-shirts

The green top has an RRP of £17.95 and the black one is £18.80. Both are available in ages 1-2 right through to 11-12. The prints are also available on a range of products, including long sleeved t-shirts and baby vests. I’m happy to report they are also available in grown – up sizes!

Animal Crossing T-Shirts

My daughter is almost 9 now, and is a big fan of Animal Crossing. She’s been asking for an animal crossing top for a while, so I was happy to find a few examples available. The Nirvana style one really caught my eye…

Nintendo tops for kids - Animal Crossing

As with all of the other designs, these are available in ages 1-12 and a variety of colours. I think Syd would be over the moon with any of them. Finally, do let me know in the comments which of these is your favourite.

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