Sam and Sydney are a big fans of Peppa Pig, so we were very excited when I agreed to this Peppa Pig Holiday Jet review. The Peppa Pig Holiday Jet is suitable for children aged 3+ and has an RRP of £20. Rather than spending ages describing what’s included and how it works, I made a quick unboxing video so you can see for yourself.

Peppa Pig Holiday Jet Review

The set comes with one Peppa figure and two suitcases. It doesn’t need batteries, which is always a big plus in my book. I also love the fact t’s all neautral colours… There is no pink in sight (other than on Peppa of course)! It’s definitely not a “girls only” toy – much to Sam’s delight!

Peppa Pig Holiday Jet Review

Sam has autism and doesn’t talk. Despite his indifferent look on the photo above, he took a real shine to the plane. He was pushing it along the bed and pretending to fly it too. This isn’t something Sam does with most toys.

As I mentioned earlier the Peppa Pig holiday jet review, it includes one figure. We have lots of Peppa toys, so have plenty of extra characters to sit in the 2 empty seats.

It’s a bit fiddly to get the Peppa size characters sat in the seats on the plane, and Syd (my 3 year old) did get very frustrated when she was trying to do this. Once they are in place, they do stay there though.

Peppa Pig holiday jet review

George fits in the chair, but as soon as you move the jet, he falls out of his seat. Larger characters (Mummy and Daddy Pig) won’t fit in the jet.

There are loads of other items available in the Peppa Pig Holiday Collection including:

Holiday Grandpa Pig’s Holiday Boat – £19.99

Peppa and George are on Grandpa Pig’s boat and sailing the high seas.  This holiday playset comes with Peppa, George and Grandpa figures.  This playset is specially designed to float in water, so I bet it makes for great bath time fun!

Holiday Time Splash Speedboat – £14.99

Peppa can take a thrilling ride in the Splash Speedboat with Daddy Pig and George, who is dressed in his wetsuit! He really is ready for his water ski ride!

Holiday Time Ice Cream Van – £14.99

Rebecca Rabbit is selling some yummy ice cream to all her friends down by the beach. This ice cream van attaches to the tricycle to make the ice cream van mobile. The set includes a table with sun umbrella and A-Board sign.

Holiday Sunshine Villa – £29.99

The Holiday Sunshine Villa playset opens up and reveals all the rooms within. There are lots of accessories included, like a barbeque, sun lounger and also a paddling pool for George. There’s a carry handle and the accessories will pack away nice and neatly for storage.

We were lucky enough to review the Holiday Time Sunshine Villa set last year, and this Jet goes really well with that. Sydney loves playing with them both together. This set has an RRP of £29.99 but there are some amazing deals around at the moment!

Holiday Campervan Playset – £29.99

Peppa and her family can now go camping in this playset. This chunky vehicle can be pushed along with the free-wheeling wheels. It has a removable top and an extendable awning for added play value. Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig are included, so this is a great starter set for any little Peppa fan.


All told, the Peppa Pig Holiday Jet is a great toy for any Peppa fan. If you shop around, there are some real bargains available too. I definitely recommend it and would give it 5/5. I hope this Peppa Pig holiday jet review has been useful.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the item to review, but all words are our own.

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