Getting creative with BIC Kids

Syd is 5 now and loves to draw. She is definitely the creative type and is happiest when she’s holding a pen or pencil. When we received a bundle of goodies from BIC kids, she was quick to give them a whirl!

BIC Kids pencils

Getting Creative With BIC Kids

We received a pack of Kid Couleur felt pens, a pack of Ecolutions Evolutions colouring pencils and a pack of Plastidecor wax crayons. Each pack has an RRP of £2.99 each, so they are good value. Sydney immediately decided the pencil crayons were for me. (I am quite partial to doing colouring and always favour pencil crayons).

Syd set to work colouring in with the crayons in her colouring book…

BIC Kids syd colouring

She isn’t usually a fan of crayons but said these were lovely to use and “didn’t scratch” like her old crayons. She’s 5, and her descriptive language is very much new. I think she meant they were smooth to use, while her old ones had a tendency to catch on the page.

Here’s her finished masterpiece…

BIC Kids

When I told Syd about the BIC drawing competition Mumsnet are running, she cracked open her new felt tip pens and set to work. Bic’s competition is perfect for budding artists to showcase their work. One lucky winner’s art work will be showcased on a billboard in or around their home town!  One person will also win a £300 TESCO voucher, plus 10 runners up will get a £50 BIC Kids bundle!

Syd was insistent that she didn’t “just” want to draw or colour – she wanted to make a pretty collage to enter. She did this all by herself – including all of the cutting and gluing! It’s her family on a cloudy day.


Poor Sam lost a leg during proceedings, but Syd is still very proud of her creation – as am I! Sydney said the felt tips were nice and colourful, and she was pleased the lids fitted on the bottom of the pen, so she didn’t have to hold them during use.

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