Ideas for family fun this Summer

This week, I have been busy reminiscing about my childhood school holidays. I have been thinking about the games we used to play, the places we visited and the holidays we went on. I have been trying to come up with affordable, outdoor activities to do with Sam and Syd, straight from my own childhood.

The first thing on my list is of course, the Teddy Bear’s Picnic! I still remember going to one of these in the woods when I was about 3 – it was the best thing ever! I cannot wait to set up a “mothergeek” version for the caped crusaders!

I was thinking about spending time with the family on short breaks as a child.
We went to Butlins at Barry Island, when I was about 5. The outdoor
pool was brilliant! I swear we were in there every day for the entire

Outdoor pools seem to only exist in Holiday camps, now. I used to spend
loads of time in the huge, outdoor paddling pool in our local Park as a
child. Of course, this is now too “risky” for the council to run, so it
has been filled in. I will be splashing out on a paddling pool for Sam and Sydney this week, ready for some splishy splashy fun!

Blowing bubbles is one activity which is definitely timeless! Sam adores bubbles! We actually went to the park this week, and I took a large bubble wand set with us. Sam was running round trying to catch them, like it was the best game ever! Syd was trying her best to bum shuffle after them, too!

In my experience, you can never go wrong with a good, old fashioned “ball”! Sam is toddling now, and will excitedly chase a ball around the park for ages. He loves to play piggy in the middle – if he is in the middle! Syd will roll a ball, too!

I was also thinking about everything I stress about now, with my two
kids. Sun cream, hats etc. I don’t remember ever having sun cream put on
me as a kid. Maybe that’s because I have chose to forget? Or perhaps
it’s because I am more of a shade dweller by nature?!

Either way, nostalgia has well and truly got hold of me at the moment.

I would love to go abroad for some real sun this year, but it isn’t that easy when you have two children as young as mine. I think we may have to escape on a UK summer holiday next year, though. Sam would love playing on the beach, so it’s definitely on the to do list!

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