Garden Activities For Toddlers

Our low maintenance back garden used to be perfect. Then we had kids! Now, it is a nightmare! We have decking, then sharp gravel, then more decking, with an unused, log style hut on it. There is no grass for the kids to play on, and it is driving me potty.

I have now cleaned up the decking, moved all the branches, twigs and leaves, and I am left with a large (not very child friendly) space. Until we can get the money together to rip it out and start again, we have fenced off the first area of decking, to keep the kids off the stones. This area is about 18 square metres.

Now I am in the process of finding activities for the kids to do on the
decking. They were lucky enough to receive a playhouse for their
birthday, which Sam loves to chill out in. It also comes in handy for
keeping their small, outdoor toys together when we go in for the night. (balls,
foam mats etc).

Sam’s slide is on the decking too, as well as his Junior Trampoline. We’ve been playing with bubbles quite a lot, as well as the old faithful football! Toddlers never tire of rolling the ball and chasing it, do they?

Our log hut is good for storing toys, and allows us to rotate them. Ideally, I want to get several affordable things which can be moved easily, and rotated with the slide and mini trampoline, to keep garden playtime exciting. I want to buy a few key pieces, which will last, and which can offer different types of play.

I am considering getting this Chad Valley Bouncy Castle. I have been drooling over it for weeks now. It is reduced from £199.99 to £99.99 at the moment, and is exclusive to Argos.

I like the sound of it being so fast to inflate, and so easy to pack up and store. It will be the perfect thing to keep the kids entertained when we are having a day at home. It’ll be a great toy for them to let off some steam on.

We already have a small paddling pool – this is another of the items
which can be rotated. I love being able to put it outside with balls in
it, on days which aren’t quite warm enough for water.

It was Sam’s birthday this week, and we are going to use his birthday
money to get him a sand pit. I want to
get him a floor level sandpit, rather than a table as I know he will love getting in there to
play with the sand and accessories. This is the one toy which I think needs to be out all the time. Mainly because I don’t fancy the idea of carrying the sand up and down the garden! This Chad Valley one comes with a cover and liner, and the wood will match our decking to boot.

I think Sam would
benefit a lot from a water table. He adores water play, and
Sydney does too. I hope that a table would mean I can stop him climbing
into the water on colder days. I am torn between a few of these. I really need to go and see some in the flesh, so I can gauge their size.

As well as these, I am hoping to get them doing some free activities – the type I adored as a kid! I remember digging for “treasure” in the gravel on a friend’s drive way, and making mud pies, too! Syd is still too young for activities like this, but Sam already spends ages reaching through the decking to sort out the smooth, “treasure” stones from the sharp gravel!

I am also going to pick up a cheap water gun this week, so I can have a water fight with the kids (ok, It’ll be a one sided, totally unfair water fight, but hopefully they’ll enjoy it)! 

What are your tips for good value, long lasting outdoor toys for toddlers?

This is not a sponsored post – I’m just sharing my plans!

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