Sydney was 3 and a half at Christmas, and still had her dummy every night in bed. Her brother, Sam is 12 months older than her, and also has his dummy for bed. Sam has Autism though, and physically needs his to fall asleep. We decided that it was time for the Dummy Fairy to pay Sydney a visit. We spent a few days telling her about the Dummy or Pacifier Fairy if you’re reading from America). How she takes away big girls’ and boys’ dummies, and gives them to little babies who don’t have one.

A Visit From The Dummy Fairy

We told her that in exchange for the dummy, the Fairy leaves something they know the big kid really wants. Sydney had been asking for a giant Kinder Egg for weeks, so it made sense that the Dummy Fairy would bring one of those.

Sydney got ready for bed, and then took her dummy downstairs, and laid it out in front of her Fairy Door. She said goodbye to it and then went to bed. The next morning when we got up, the Dummy was gone, and in its’ place was a giant Kinder Egg! (The ones which retail at £5 in supermarkets – in case you’re wondering)!

a gift from the dummy fairy

The Result

Syd was really excited to find the Giant Egg, and said thank you to the Dummy Faily (even though she couldn’t see the fairy – they are magic, after all)!

The next few nights, sad had to be reminded a couple of times that her dummy had gone to a new baby now, but she was really good about it. It’s been 3 weeks now, and Syd is sleeping through the night without it.

She has asked a few times why Sam still has a dummy, and we’ve told her it’s because he’s not as good as she is at sleeping yet. All told though, I’d definitely call it a successful extraction mission, so I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the Pacifier Fairy!

Dummy Fairy or Pacifier Fairy

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