Today, I’m talking about when everything slots together. Sam has been attending bus club for about 6 weeks now. He is picked up at 10am on Saturday mornings, and comes back at around 3pm. This leaves hubby and I with around 5 hours to do something fun with Sydney. Over the past few weeks, we have been shopping, swimming, digging, had lunch and such like. Last weekend was the first time we haven’t all gone out together. Sydney and I headed to the Trafford Centre to meet up with my friend Bex and her two children for lunch.

When Everything Slots Together

We dropped hubby off at the allotment beforehand, and picked him up again as we headed home. It worked really well, and our plans all slotted together nicely. It was great to see Bex again, and for Syd to play with her kids.  Sydney was on her best behaviour too, which made it a really good afternoon. She ate all her lunch, had an ice cream (which she shared with me) – result! Sydney, Sam and I are heading down to Bex’s for a “sleepover” next month, and Syd’s not stopped talking about it all weekend!

Sam arrived home later than usual, and I panicked a bit. (Ok, ok – I was pacing the floor and looking for his carer-s mobile number when they pulled up). He came in with a helium balloon and spent the evening playing with that. He was saying “Uuuu” as it floated up, and “gawwww” (down) as he pulled it back down. I have decided he’s getting a can of helium and 100 balloons for his birthday – best fun ever!

Happy kid with balloon - When Everything Slots Together

Once the kids were asleep, hubby and I collapsed in exhausted heaps on the sofa and watched some telly. I then left him to play Forza in peace, while I sloped off to bed to read my kindle. What a day! I do love it When Everything Slots Together, don’t you?

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All told, it was an epic Saturday! What did you get up to this weekend?

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